Dev Bio

Void Wisp is developed solely by Seattle-based developer D. W. O’Boyle. He has been a hobbyist game designer of both video and tabletop games all of his life. Originally hailing from New Jersey, D. W. moved out to Seattle due to the vibrant indie game scene and the lovely climate. He started development on Void Wisp after losing an office job and wanted to give one last serious attempt at making a marketable game.

D. W. is often critical of games and feels they often lack focus on what he views as important. His design philosophies are simple; Don’t waste players’ time, Allow players to play how they want, and Question conventions. For his games he focuses on accessibility and tight design. You can read more about that here.

He has done the music for other video games such as EarthTongue and Sky Hounds.

His non-gaming related hobbies and interests include loose leaf tea, odd history, and sleeping.
You can find him on twitter here.