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How does Void Wisp play?
Void Wisp uses a simple two button control scheme. One button moves the Wisp upwards and the other makes you glide. While gliding you descend very slowly. If no button is pressed you'll fall to the ground. The game can be played with the keyboard, mouse, or gamepad. All input devices have rebindable buttons.

What was the inspiration for Void Wisp?
The developer made a game called "I have no Bird and I must Flap" for the Flappy Jam in 2014. People seemed to like the game so it was decided to expand upon the idea.

What platforms is Void Wisp on? Can I get this on Mobile?
Right now, it is only available for PC. There are plans for a mobile release some time if it proves popular enough.

What is Void Wisp being made in?
GameMaker: Studio 1.4

How many game modes are there?
There are 4 game modes. Classic, Caravan, Survival, and Traveler.
In Classic mode you slowly lose points over time. The rate that you lose points increases the longer you stay alive so you want to crash before all of your points are drained.
Caravan mode is a time trial mode where you have a set amount of time to earn as many points as you can. Crashing in this mode causes the time you have to decrease.
Survival mode is the most complex mode. Like in Caravan there is a bar that is constantly draining. The run will end when that bar reaches the bottom. The bar won't drain while you are earning points. You can refill it by having a multiplier of 5 or more, and by collecting "lusters" that will appear at the end of certain obstacles.
Finally we have Traveler mode. In it, you tackle pre-made levels that each have 3 objectives.

Is there a demo available?
Yes! You can download a free demo on the game's itch.io page. The demo is a more lean experience. It has only Classic and Caravan mode, much fewer obstacles, and less customization options.

Is there a set date for when the full version will be released?
It is out now and available on itch.io and Steam!

Any plans for DLC or post-release content?
There are currently no plans for paid DLC, but post-release updates are likely depending on the popularity of the game. If a community grows up around the game, then it will be continually supported.

What sort of accessibility options does it provide?
Accessibility is a key focus of the Void Wisp design philosophy. The game is only two buttons allowing it to be played single handed. There are robust customizable difficulty options, as well as color and appearance options. While the game does have a learning curve and requires some practice, it is intended to be played and enjoyed by anyone regardless of their conditions.

Do you have any tips on how to play Void Wisp well?
Always be gliding unless you're going to crash. The area where you can earn points will shrink, but you'll have more control over your decent. This is was a big part of the game that there's even an Auto-Glide function for people who find that more comfortable.

I found a bug. Where can I report it?
You can e-mail and explanation at voidwisp@gmail.com, comment on the itch.io or the Steam forum, or send a tweet to @dwoboyle on twitter.

I run a youtube/twitch channel. Can I monetize videos of Void Wisp?
Yes. There is a section of the readme that covers this.
"You're more than welcome to do Let's Play videos of this game along as you place a link to the game's store page in the description of the video. I feel it's the least you can do. Especially if you're making money off your videos. If you are doing a video review or a one-off "Quick Look" styled video then no link is necessary but is certainly appreciated."
I am with a games press outlet and would like to cover Void Wisp, set up an interview, or request a game key.
Awesome! Just shoot an e-mail to voidwisp@gmail.com and we can set something up. 

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